These Three Things Stain Your Teeth

These Three Things Stain Your Teeth

Enjoying your morning cup of coffee may help you get going for the day, but it may also be staining your teeth. Because the outer layers of teeth are very porous, many of the things we enjoy can leave unsightly stains on our teeth. Read on to discover three things that stain your teeth.


That cup of Joe, especially darker roasts, can leave stains on the outside of your teeth where they are most permeable. You can try drinking lighter roasts, or add some milk or creamer to help dilute black coffee and its stain-causing power.



Tea can also stain teeth due to the tannins it contains. Just like coffee, the darker the tea, the more likely to stain. Try drinking lighter-colored tea options, or consume herbal teas, which are less likely to cause stains.



Enjoying a nice glass of wine with your dinner can be a special treat, but it isn’t a treat for your teeth. The acidic enzymes in wine can cause stains and also wear away the enamel on your teeth. Try swishing with water after each sip of wine to help avoid stains.

You can keep a toothbrush in your purse or at your desk and clean your teeth each time you eat or drink something that may stain your teeth. You can also visit this website to learn more about items that stain your teeth, and to find out how to get those stains removed by a family dentist in Santa Cruz today.


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