4 Hidden Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, also commonly referred to as dental caries, is quite common. If it is not identified and treated in a timely manner, then the health of your tooth is at stake. You might end up needing to have the decay drilled away with a filling put in its place, or have a crown installed. Learning to spot the hidden systems is the first step in restoring your mouth to proper health.

One of the first hidden symptoms of tooth decay are tiny soft spots. You won’t notice these; however, your dentist or dental hygienist will. This is why it is so important to keep up with your checkups every six months. During your visit, you may also be given an X-ray, which will also show if there is any decay present.

The second symptom that is often overlooked is bad breath (scientifically known as halitosis). One of the most common causes of bad breath is a dental issue. Tooth decay produces bad odor as the bacteria in your mouth begin to eat away at the trapped food in your tooth. Using mouthwash is only a temporary solution. You’ll need to have the dentist clean and repair your tooth in order to permanently eliminate the bad breath.

A third symptom that indicates you have a problem with tooth decay is physical pain. Sometimes the area is just sensitive, and not actually emitting sharp pains. Perhaps you go to drink a hot cup of coffee and you feel a tingle you didn’t feel before. The opposite may also be true. An ice cold bottle of water can leave you feeling like you just got pinched. You may even notice discomfort after biting down on something. This is one of the symptoms that will get worse the longer you ignore it, so it is best to seek treatment immediately.

Finally, patients that have tooth decay may begin to see physical changes to the affected tooth. You might notice a few tiny holes, or some staining on the surface of the tooth (white, brown or black). Anytime you see something new happening to your teeth, it is wise to get to the dentist to have it checked out before further damage is done.

If tooth decay is spotted early, it is often times treatable. Your dentist may recommend a fluoride varnish after doing a thorough cleaning of your teeth. To learn more about teeth checkups in Durham visit this website.


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